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Outlining the product offer

Every morning, our buyers start the day with outlining the product offer. For each individual product, they decide which source is the best to buy from that day. Through our network of preferred suppliers, inhouse import facilities and the 3 Dutch flower auctions, we source an attractive selection of fresh flowers. All the orders have been processed in the system by this time and interesting purchases are ticked off in the auction system before the auction starts.



Buyers are ready

After the preparations in the early hours of the day, the buyers are ready when the auction starts at 6am. From our dealing room, we purchase our products from the Aalsmeer, Westland and Rijnsburg auction through KOA (the auction’s remote buying system). During this process, the buyers shift between the different auctions in order to get the best deals, which they then relay back to their customers.
If a product is bought for stock, it will appear in the web shop immediately.



Flowers arrive at the premises

Over the course of the morning, flowers from different suppliers arrive at the premises. The products are checked in numbers and quality on arrival. We take live pictures of products when necessary allowing you to see exactly what you are buying!
Once the flowers are checked and processed, they are moved to a location in the cool room. Each product has a unique position in the cool room to allow efficient order picking. The job of our logistics team is to organise and manage the deadlines for each customer or shipment making sure that your order always leaves on time.



Flowers are prepared for transport

Once an order is picked in our cool room, they are packed to your specifications. In our climate controlled work unit, we have different departments each with their own specialised task:
•Re-packing and mixing
•Packing in boxes
•Airfreight shipments
•Building trolleys for dry-pack shipments
•Building trolleys for shipments on water
•Processing KOA



Order has been delivered

The trucks are loaded early afternoon in order to get the flowers to their destinations as soon as possible. Deliveries of shipments are always done in consultation with customers, together we select the best logistical option.
After a successful delivery, we return to base and continue our efforts for the next order!