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The right product against the right price

Below is a list of our services to you and your business:

  • Customer specific processing / packing of shipments
  • Re-bunching and mixing of products
  • Adding (price) tags to products
  • Automated uploading of products into your software
  • Provide reports with details of your buying behaviour
  • Shop-in-shop module for your customers
  • Personal approach
  • Buy through KOA

As a wholesaler you need products every day that meet the demands of your customers. At P van Dam, we buy a daily fresh selection of cut flowers based on our customers’ requirements. Through the years, our buyers have gathered a valuable network of preferred suppliers guaranteeing you the best quality and freshness in flowers. In an industry that is dominated by day-to-day pricing, it is important to have buyers that know the game. They make sure that our selection is a good portrayal of the market’s current price level. This allows you to confidently service your customers with the right pricing.

P van Dam values a personal approach, therefore each customer is connected to one contact person within our organization. Together with your contact person, you discuss the content of important orders and search for interesting deals. Together we can make a difference!

Our user-friendly web shop is an easy method for ordering flowers and an excellent source to find out what is currently available. You can also order products from our fresh product list for the following day. We take live photos from many of our products allowing you to see exactly what you are buying (also available on your mobile phone and tablet!) There are also multiple connections available through our web shop with our own import divisions, growers and the auction’s FloraMondo.

Would you like to purchase through the auction directly? Ask us for information and the conditions of buying through KOA. We will be happy to make you a customised offer.

As a supplier, P van Dam supports you and your business and offers different solutions to simplify the ordering process and other responsibilities.

Marcel van Gelderen